A proven resource with proven solutions.

enlivIN expertly manages the social determinants of health that impact your member/patient’s non-medical needs to improve health outcomes, quality and cost effectiveness. We offer a full range of services complementing medical care plans, including face-to-face, in-home, and telephonic assessment and support. Service packages include care transitions management, service coordination, care management, evidence-based health and wellness programs and connections to individual and caregiver supports.

enlivIN delivers experienced staff and proven services that are effective, person-centered, and culturally sensitive to help individuals achieve the highest level of health possible following a medical issue. Comprised of a network of community-based non-profit organizations, many accredited by NCQA in LTSS care management, enlivIN provides face-to-face, in-home, and telephonic support across all 92 Indiana counties, drawing upon the deep expertise of our 15 partner agencies to meet patient or member needs identified by health systems, hospitals, independent physician associations, health plans and other groups focused on population health management.

Read our brochure or contact us at executive@enlivin.org or 317.205.9201 for more information.