IAAAA partners with the USAging and other national aging and disabilities organizations to effect change with Congress and the federal administration.

You are an important part of the advocacy equation, and you can keep abreast of where you voice is most needed at the federal level with USAging’s latest policy positions and advocacy alerts. USAging also shares analysis, commentary and resources on current issues.

The most pressing issue for 2024 is re-authorization of the Older Americans Act (OAA) which expires later this year. Our key goals for the reauthorization are to:

  • Serve more older adults who need help to age well at home
  • Meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s older adults
  • Maintain efficient oversight and management of local service delivery to ensure quality

Not sure where to start your OAA advocacy journey? Check out this OAA Re-Authorization Toolkit for ideas, templates and other resources.

We hope you will read more about federal policy priorities important to Indiana’s AAAs and contact your legislators to share your views!