1. Visit only your personal doctor, hospital or clinic for medical help. Trust only them to make referrals for special equipment, services or medicine.
  2. If someone calls and tries to threaten or pressure you into something – hang up!
  3. If someone comes to your door and says they are from Medicare and they need your Medicare number – shut the door!
  4. If someone offers to buy your Medicare number, don’t do it.
  5. Never provide a salesperson with your doctor’s name or number.
  6. Never show anyone your medical or prescription records without first talking to your doctor or pharmacist.
  7. Don’t leave mail in your mailbox for more than one day. People can steal personal information right out of your mailbox.
  8. Rip up or shred your Medicare papers and other important documents before throwing them away. People go through trash.
  9. Remember, Medicare doesn’t sell anything.
  10. Always check your Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) for charges for something you didn’t get, billing twice for the same thing, and services that were not ordered by your doctor.

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