1. Use trusted providers, hospitals or clinics for medical treatment. Don’t respond to phone calls for equipment, tests, or services.
  2. Medicare doesn’t call you unsolicited. Screen calls and don’t answer unknown numbers. Let them go to voicemail. If you answer and the caller threatens or pressures you – hang up!
  3. Medicare will never come to your door. Don’t open your door to a stranger.
  4. Don’t give out your Medicare number in exchange for free services, prizes, or money.
  5. Don’t share your medical or prescription history with someone you don’t know unless your doctor refers you.
  6. Don’t leave mail in your mailbox for more than one day. Identity thieves might steal mail out of your mailbox. Sign up for Informed Delivery via USPS.
  7. Shred Medicare paperwork and other important documents before discarding. Identity thieves go through trash.
  8. Medicare doesn’t sell anything. For help with reviewing your Medicare plan, call Indiana State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) at 800-452-4800 for unbiased counseling.
  9. Review your Medicare Summary Notices (MSNs) or Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) for suspicious charges, double billing or services or items not received.
  10. Sign up for electronic MSNs on Medicare.gov or for electronic Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) if on a Medicare Advantage plan. Contact Indiana Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) if you suspect Medicare fraud.

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