Opioids and Older Adults

IAAAA | September 29, 2016

Lately, we have been hearing a lot about the national crisis in opioid addiction, overdose and treatment. What kind of person do you picture when you hear about someone addicted to opioids? How old do you imagine them to be? What do they do for a living? How much money do they make? Where do […]

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You Can Make a Difference:  World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

IAAAA | June 14, 2016

What would you do if you found out a loved one was being abused, neglected or exploited? Would you even know the signs? Would you know who to call for help? Annually, June 15th is international World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Elder abuse is all too real. Last year, Indiana Adult Protective Services (APS) received […]

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Have You Had the Conversation?

IAAAA | April 19, 2016

Have you had the conversation with your loved ones yet?  It’s the conversation that often happens too late, or not at all.  The conversation for which it’s never the right time.  The one that seems too difficult, or too painful, or too awkward. It’s the conversation about how you want to live and how you want […]

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Governor Pence Enacts Indiana ABLE Act

IAAAA | March 21, 2016

How would you prepare for the future of your child if they had a disability?  That’s what mother of two and disabilities advocate Erika Steuterman talked about to an Indiana House Committee this past February.  Ms. Steuterman was testifying in favor of SEA 11, the Indiana ABLE Act, which authorizes Indiana State Treasurer Kelly Mitchell […]

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It’s a Wrap at the Indiana General Assembly

IAAAA | March 16, 2016

The Indiana General Assembly concluded its 2016 legislative session on March 10, 2016, after a very fast-paced 10 weeks of activity.  A little over 200 bills were passed, and several will benefit older adults and persons with disabilities. Below are highlights of legislation of interest to the Area Agencies on Aging and to those that […]

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