You Can Influence State Policy On Aging

If you have great ideas or concerns about how we help older Hoosiers and persons with disabilities remain independent and achieve the best quality of life possible, then the Indiana Division of Aging needs your help!

No matter where you live in Indiana, you can make application to join the Indiana Commission on Aging. The purpose of the Commission is to:

  • encourage research, study and discussion of the current problems of aging an aged,
  • disseminate information relating to such problems and proposed solutions,
  • explore opportunities for partnership with other institutions of aging and aged,
  • conduct educational programs throughout the state,
  • cooperate with any Commission or other body which may be set up by the county, state, or federal government for the study of the problems of the aging or aged, and
  • assist the Indiana Division of Aging in the development of a comprehensive plan to meet the needs of the aged.

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Share Your Ideas on Aging in Indiana

Indiana’s aging population continues to grow. From ensuring all have options to age in their own homes and communities, to supporting family caregivers, to protecting vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect and exploitation, there are many competing needs and priorities.

The 2019-2022 Indiana State Plan on Aging seeks to balance and support these priorities and others. The Plan is now out in draft form so that anyone may offer their ideas and input about the state’s proposals. The Plan is available here:

The Indiana Division of Aging wants to give everyone a chance to Engage at Every Age (May’s Older American’s Month theme), be involved and share their experiences. To accommodate as many people as possible, the Division of Aging is hosting three regional events including an online option:

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